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The Old Believers from South America explore the Amur land


The Old Believers from South America drove through several districts of the Amur region and estimated the soybean yields. At the same time they visited the Old Believers living in this area. A delegation consisting of more than 20 people - citizens of Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and other countries - came to the Amur region.

More than 20 Old Believers from South America arrived in the region. In Blagoveshchensk, they met with representatives of the government of Amur region and then went to inspect the fields. They consider the Amur region as a possible area for resettlement.

The Kilin family moved to Amur region from South America three years ago. 15 people live at Svobodny town and cultivate 200 hectares of land. They cultivate vegetables, soy, wheat. They bred turkeys and cows. The Kilin family sells milk to the dairy plant in Blagoveshchensk. Some of the products are sold to inhabitants of Svobodny; soon they will supply the workers of Vostochny space launching site with vegetables. I have signed a contract with the space launching site to deliver my products to them. They will take everything from me potatoes, beets, pumpkin; as much as they need, Alexey Kilin says.

Anatoly, one of the sons of the Amur community head, came here too. He hasn't seen his family since long ago. I said live here for a while, look around to see whether the life here is possible or not. So far, they have not faced any problems. But it is necessary to work too, the Old Believer from Uruguay Anatoly Kilin notes.

With three daughters, Anatoly decided to move to his relatives to the Amur region and arrange an apiary with 2 000 hives or create a farm. The other Old Believers consider the possibility to return to their historic homeland too. They say there is a crisis in the countries of the Latin America. Banks don't give loans; the land is expensive. It's easier to get a land plot in the Russian Far East. The guests wonder about the yields that can be harvested here.

Everything is interesting. Everything is absolutely different there. The strawberry grows here, while we could not cultivate it there. The place we live in is very hot, so these berries do not grow there, the Old Believer from Brazil Anna Boyanova notes.

The settlers saw the soy fields in Ivanovsky and Mazanovsky dostricts. The guests showed they are experienced farmers: the Old Believers asked the heads of the village councils about treatment of seeds, about the distance between crops rows. They also estimated the soil fertility. The land is good; it's beautiful. It looks hard, so the moisture does not penetrates to the bottom from the top quickly; it remains at the top," the Brazilian Old Believer Alexey Chuprov says.

The guests will bring three packages of soil to South America. The samples were taken in the Amur region, in Khabarovsk Krai, and Primorsky Krai. The Old Believers are going to evaluate its chemical composition. In case of moving to Russia, each family wants to cultivate hundreds of hectares: to grow soybeans, wheat, barley, corn.

One family cultivates 700 800 hectares. Sometimes perhaps even 1 0001 500 hectares; it depends on the land. So here the family can easily cultivate 1 000 hectares. The land is flat, open; it is easier to work here, the old man from Brazil Vikol Kuznetsov says. To return the former compatriots to their historic homeland, the Federal Government offers them a simplified procedure for obtaining the Russian citizenship and land ownership. The resettlers can receive loans on preferential terms.

This is the first ever trip, it's unique. It is important that they see everything with their own eyes. Then they will distribute this information among the Old Believers from all over the world. And so, by word of mouth, they learn the real situation in Russia," the head of migration and demographic policy development department of the Ministry for development of the Far East of the RF Ivan Yefimov explains.

Now there are about 3,000 Old Believers living in South America. Their ancestors left Russia in the 30s of XX century. Since 2009, about 100 people have moved to the Far East. If the delegation members like everything, another 13 families can move to the Amur region. -

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