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A family of the Old Believers has reunited in the Amur region after 10 years


A family of the Old Believers which was separated and lived in different corners of the world for ten years reunited in the Amur region. A wife and a son from Brazil have moved forever to Alexey Kilin who built a house at Svobodny settlement. Our correspondent shares the details of the long-awaited meeting, the trip to Sopka of Love, South American tropics, and Russian oven. 

Sao Paulo - Lisbon, and then Moscow - Blagoveshchensk - it's almost a day in the sky. But Agrippina doesn't feel tired. With her son Damian she flew to her husband Alexey with the wings of love. And finally she is happy. It's like a deep freezer all around, and my ears feel cold - these were the first words after arrival of the Russian woman who was born in South American tropics and has never been to Russia. 

In the Brazilian community of the Old Believers, all members, of course, communicate with each other in Russian. But to better prepare for the future trip, Agrippina shares, she watched the series “Poor Nastya” in the evenings. While packing her suitcases. 

In a wooden izba (log hut), the oven flares with heat - my camera, just brought from the cold street, got misted over. Agrippina sat down, without taking her jacket off - so cold she feels! The head of the Old Believers community Fedor Kilin and his wife Tatyana bustled nearby. They count their grandchildren (about 60) one third of which have already moved to Russia. For the last 10 years, grandparents have seen Damian only in photos.

When his father Alexey went to the Russian Far East to settle the ancestral lands, Agrippina remained in Brazil to help her parents. But recently, when the Russian community was visited by a delegation from Moscow which invited all Old Believers living abroad to come back home, she took the courage to make a long way, despite her mother's worries.

“To live so far, in the cold. And memories of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers about Russia are not very good. But I decided that if there was such an opportunity to unite our family, this way... Whatever happens, if I made the decision, I would come here," Agrippina Kilina says.

 The Russian Foreign Ministry and the Agency for Human Capital Development helped Agrippina to draw up the documents for joining the program on resettlement of compatriots; next year she and Damian will become citizens of this country. And, of course, they'll become valuable helpers at a farm developed by Alexey in Novgorodka. He sells vegetables from his garden and milk to the dining room of the space launching site. 

“Agrippina, probably, will make cheese. I made it once, but my attempt failed. Though I asked her about the sequence; but it just did not work," Alexey Kilin admits.

During our conversations, Tatyana Kilina laid the table. According to all the rules: lean pottage, rosehip broth, unleavened bread. Silently, without the camera, they made a sign of a cross. And back on the way again.

Alexey didn't bring his family to a house for a single minute. He didn't spend the night here and asked the relatives to heat the oven very well for the frozen ones from Brazil. And right after the meeting, he took his wife and son to the city for shopping. Since they had neither gloves, nor caps and have never seen down jackets. 

On the Sopka (Hill) of Love, as it is called by the local people, where Alexey decided to bring his wife for a minute, it was only love that could warm up. The wind didn't seem to frighten the family anymore. They're together. At home. And they believe they'll be fine now.

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