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Old Believers Forum gathered the Old Believers from all over the world in Moscow


The Old Believers Forum is being held in Moscow. It is attended by the Old Believers from all over the world. They discuss not only the inner church life but also the most topical issues.

The combined choir of the Old Orthodox Pomorskaya Church from Novgorod region made full-hearted preparation to perform before their coreligionists from all over the world. Solfeggio of XVII century does not come easily to everybody. In the plain chant notation, the black marks indicate the sound length, the red marks - the sound pitch.

No matter what continent the Old Believers live in they support their unique way of life everywhere: they will not sit at the table, will not pray, and will not start a family with people of other faiths. Although the traditional bans - television and entertainments - are treated more loyal now. Same as the dress code.

The topics discussed at the International Old Believers Forum include morality and vices, youth and old faith in the XXI century. It can be seen that sitting in the hall is a kind of a trial for all these people. They feel better in the fields... Because work, prayer, and fasting are the fundamentals of spiritual health.

After the revolution, the whole villages of the Old Believers left the country. First they went to China, then - to South America. Now more than three thousand people live there. They are successful farmers, agronomists, entrepreneurs, and cultivators. The program of voluntary resettlement of compatriots allows them to return to Russia. The land and relocation allowance are provided by the state. All the September, representatives of the Old Believers communities from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, the US, and New Zealand traveled through the Russian Far East. They were looking for places to build new houses.

More than a hundred compatriots from the Latin America have already returned to their homeland. According to the organizers of this “tour”, the trip to Russia inspired all the participants. Therefore, repatriation became the main topic of the first and, apparently, not the last International Old Believers Forum.

Anastasia Martynova, "TV Center", Moscow.

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